How to Create an Awesome & Playful Easter Display

How to Create an Awesome & Playful Easter Display_PlayLearnTeach
Our hallway bulletin board changes monthly to match the topics and seasons. Here A Chick bulletin board came together easily over the course of a few days. Our preschoolers enjoyed singing and dancing along with several Spring and Easter videos. Follow the four easy steps to create an awesome and playful Easter display with your class.

Make it child-centered by emphasizing process over product.

Step One: Start by having each child pose for a close-up photo, pretending to blow a feather. This was so much fun to watch!  We place a chair against a plain section of wall and used our smartphone to snap the photo. Crop and tweak the image to show just their face. I sent the photos to my mail and then downloaded and inserted them into either Powerpoint slides or Word pages and resized and printed. We used regular copy paper and the color printer at school for the faces.

How to Create an Awesome & Playful Easter Display for your Bulletin Board. Preschoolers paint large sheets of paper.

Step Two: Time to Paint  The children each painted 18 x 24 inch paper with pastel paints in either vertical or horizontal stripes over at the easel.  Pastels were easy to mix in four individual paint cups adding a little red, green, purple, and yellow to white.  

*** Pro tip:  ALWAYS start with white paint. You don’t need much added color to get a lovely tint.  

These paintings were then set to dry for a day on the drying rack.

How to Create an Awesome & Playful Easter Display for your Bulletin Board. Preschooler cuts out a large egg shape from her painted paper.
Step Three:  Scissor Time!  After the backgrounds dried, we folded them in half and drew half of an egg shape with a zig-zag or curved top. The children cut the egg shape from the folded paper. Use the painted paper scraps to cut simple wing shapes. We prepared the face photos and heads by drawing a large circle on the back of the photos and drew a larger circle on yellow construction paper.  Have the children cut the circles.  (Since there is a lot to cut, we spread out this step over two class sessions.)

Step Four: Time to Decorate!   Kids then glued an “eggshell” top to their heads. (These “eggshell hats” were made by using extra painted paper and cut to fit the heads.)

Your little chicks will love looking at their classmates “hatching” from the colorful Easter Eggs.  Here A Chick, There A Chick was a fun project incorporating painting at the easel, cutting, gluing, and singing!

(Reposted from our old blog March 2015.)

How to Create an Awesome & Playful Easter Display for your Bulletin Board

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